Audio plays a major part in bringing your projects to life. Music can set the tone and mood of a video or help portray emotions, where as layering in sound effects (SFX) to your projects can enhance, add extra context and can let the viewer feel more connected to the characters, interactions, environments and objects in your story.

What is Soundsnap?

Soundsnap is a royalty free Sound Effects Library with over 280,000 sounds. A perfect addition to your video makers tool belt to help you bring to life your projects through sound design. You can find just about any sound effect for any situation that you need.

With the largest available SFX library on the internet, Soundsnap is an industry leader in high-quality royalty-free sound effects. Soundsnaps clients range from independent filmmakers to major studios such as the BBC, HBO, & Disney to name a few.

Who’s it for?

Don’t worry you don’t need to be making a massive Hollywood movie or a be a pro filmmaker to benefit from using these sound effects, this sound library is for everyone! Add them to your YouTube videos, product videos, animations, short films, wedding videos or any other video project you’re working on to give your viewers a more immersive and connected experience with your message.

Plans & pricing

If you only need a handful of sound effects for occasional projects, Soundsnap offers a pay as you go model to download and use their sound effects as and when you need them, or you can subscribe and save for unlimited use across all of your film and video projects.

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