Get royalty-free music by email for free, and use it however you want — commercial projects included! 😛

One of our favourites, simply sign up with your email and get a new royalty free piece of music to your inbox every week. No strings attached. Simples!

Your video’s background music shouldn’t be an afterthought — tacked on last minute and “good enough.” You’ve invested your time, energy, and money to create something you’re proud of. Bad music (or no music) could ruin it. But the right music could give it the polished push it needs to be amazing.

Music for Makers created by @LoganNickleson gets it spot on! New music straight to my inbox and you need to search the web for something fresh, yes please!

Free weekly background music not enough for you? Music for Makers have a Pro subscription where you can unlock instant, unlimited access to 110+ Royalty-Free Songs – I mean you’d maybe pay that on just one song for a project. Think of the possibilities.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave


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